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Health Assessment

75th of 100 Counties in Health Outcomes

Rutherford County ranks 75th of 100 counties in Health Outcomes, based on an equal weighting of length of life and quality of life. And there is more bad news. We rank 79th on Health Factors, which take into account scores for health behaviors, clinical care, and social and economic factors.

The first ranking means that people in our county face a high rate of premature death. The second means that our people have poor physical and mental health and that our mothers have children with lower birthrates than is considered safe.

It is discouraging to dig deeper into local and national community health assessment data. Many of our people say they don’t have access to medical insurance. 46% say that they don’t get regular exercise or physical activity. And 53% say they have poor eating habits or lack proper nutrition.

Tobacco use. COPD. Obesity. Heart disease. Cancer. We rank higher than the state averages and diabetes among adults and children is on the rise.

We rank a staggeringly high rate of 93rd in the state ranking s for social and economic factors, such as limited education, lack of medical insurance, unemployment, and children who live in poverty and in single parent homes.

Something has got to change.

RHI Legacy Foundation is partnering with other organizations in the community to provide support, to find solutions and to leave a permanent and positive legacy on health outcomes and health behaviors in our county.

We have lots to do. Won’t you join us?