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Foundation Invites 2021 Grant Proposals

March 10, 2021
Contact: Jill W. Miracle, RHI Legacy Foundation
(828) 202-4630 or (828) 289-2564

RHI Legacy Foundation is accepting project proposal summaries for 2021 grant funding through 5:00 PM on Friday, May 14. Current focus areas are chronic disease, healthy eating, and active living. A thorough description of each of the focus areas and eligibility requirements appears in the grants section of their website at RHI Legacy Foundation welcomes proposal summaries from organizations that serve people in Rutherford County. Exempt governmental units, religious institutions, and non-profit entities may submit a proposal.

The proposal summary is a simple questionnaire found on the Foundation’s website. It allows the agency to describe an idea and the impact on the health of the people in our county.  In mid-June, organizations identified as candidates for grant funding will be invited to complete an application for a potential award.

Agencies that are invited will then submit a more in-depth grant application through the Foundation’s website, where examples of past grants and answers to frequently asked questions are available.  The deadline for applications is 5:00 PM on Friday, July 30. Grant applications will not be considered if the proposal summary was not approved in advance or if a deadline is missed.   

Grants will be evaluated based on the measurable impact of the project, the consistency with the mission of the Foundation, the requestor’s ability to sustain the project beyond grant funding, and the project’s adherence to the 2021 focus areas.  Agencies selected for approval will receive funds in October of 2021. Subsequent progress reports and final reports will be required for partners that receive grant funding.

Agencies with questions about eligibility or who need assistance with the proposal and subsequent application process are encouraged to call Jill Miracle, the Foundation’s community impact director, at 828-202-4630 or (828) 289-2564. Miracle states, “We are available to discuss proposals and grant applications at any time during the process.  It is our desire to work with organizations to learn more about their work and to assist them as they complete their requests.” 

Since 2015, RHI Legacy Foundation has allocated more than $12,000,000 to create or expand health-related services in Rutherford County, to increase organizational capacity for the non-profit sector, and to provide additional avenues for healthy foods and recreational activities.   

Rutherford County residents are invited to follow RHI Legacy Foundation on FaceBook for health-related information throughout the year.