RHI Legacy, Inc. and RHI Legacy Foundation were formed as a result of the June, 2014 joint venture between Rutherford Hospital, Inc. and Duke LifePoint Healthcare.

RHI Legacy, Inc. (formerly Rutherford Hospital, Inc.) entered into a joint venture with Duke LifePoint Healthcare and retained 20% ownership of Rutherford Regional Health System after the affiliation. The contractual relationship created by Legacy and DLP is dedicated to ensuring the continuation of quality healthcare at Rutherford Regional Health System, accessible to all members of our community. The creation of this joint venture allowed RHI Legacy, Inc. to retain cash assets after the affiliation with Duke LifePoint. The Board of Trustees elected to use those funds to impact health and wellness in Rutherford County.

RHI Legacy Foundation was contracted by RHI Legacy, Inc. to administer the process of identifying health and wellness needs in our community and to oversee grant funding to address some of those needs.

RHI Legacy Foundation is the former Rutherford Hospital Foundation. After the affiliation with Duke LifePoint, the Foundation transitioned from a supporting organization for the Hospital to a non-profit, independent 501( c ) 3 organization. Assets from the former Hospital Foundation were retained and donated funds continue to fill the purposes that Foundation donors intended. The Foundation was also situated to serve as stewards for new contributions from donors who wish to support selected health and wellness projects for the county.

In May of 2016, RHI Legacy, Inc. and RHI Legacy Foundation merged their two board to efficiently identify, address and fund health and wellness projects in the community and to manage ownership in the joint venture with DLP. RHI Legacy Foundation is the resulting organization after that merger was completed. On August 11, 2020, RHI Legacy Foundation redeemed its ownership interest in Rutherford Regional Health System to Duke LifePoint Healthcare. The Foundation will continue to focus on improving the health and wellness of Rutherford County residents.