When to Apply:

Grant funding will be allocated after appropriate review and approvals.

To gain an invitation to apply for grant funding, an organization will:

Step 1: Complete a summary of your proposed project. Click the link below to access the form.  Proposal Summary Form

Step 2: Send the completed summary to RHI Legacy Foundation by May 12, 2023. Email to: Foundation@RHILegacy.com

Or US Mail to: PO Box 352 Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Step 3: Our Foundation will review the summary and a staff member will call to review the proposal, if needed.

Step 4: After this proposal summary deadline, the next steps regarding grant funding will be provided to the requestor. If invited, a full application will be required by July 31, to be considered for 2023 grant funding.

Step 5: Grant decisions are made in mid-September. Organizations will receive notice of their status at that time. Checks and report forms will be delivered in early October for those who are approved.


  • An organization should qualify as an exempt organization, according to the IRS.
  • An invitation to apply is required, based on the pre-application consultation outlined above.
  • A proposal should address one of the identified focus areas.
  • Documentation that the organization’s governing body approves the grant request should be provided.
  • The proposal should provide measurable benefits for the residents of Rutherford County.
  • The project should exemplify the Foundation’s Mission and Values.
  • The proposal should include a plan to sustain the program beyond RHI Legacy Foundation grant funding.
  • Recent financial statements should be provided in the grant application.
  • The application should be completed and submitted through the Foundation’s website. If internet use is not possible, Foundation staff may assist with entering the application.

2023 Grant Focus Areas:

Chronic Disease: Programs, projects and services which address prevention of chronic disease, provide screenings to identify chronic disease in early stages or facilitate overall health improvement for Rutherford County residents who already experience chronic diseases.

Healthy Eating: Programs, projects, and services which increase access to sufficient, healthy foods for all segments of Rutherford County.

Active Living: Programs, projects, and services which encourage or facilitate active lifestyles.

Purpose of Funding

When we award a grant to an organization, we expect the funding to accomplish at least one of the following:

  • Provide funds to address capital needs of a project
  • Provide funds for a program or service that meets a community need
  • Build the organization’s capacity to insure long-term sustainability

Apply Now

After your proposal summary is reviewed and you receive approval to proceed, complete After your proposal summary is reviewed and you receive approval to proceed, complete the application at any time. You will be able to save and return to the application and continue working until it is finalized. At that time, use the SUBMIT function to begin processing your request. You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been submitted. All applications for the 2023 grant cycle must be completed and submitted by July 31, 2023. CAUTION: If you do not receive an email confirmation, your request has not been entered into the grants system, and it will not be reviewed. Please save your confirmation for future reference.

Future Communications:

An organization should expect regular communication and site visits from Foundation staff if grant funding is awarded. This will provide an opportunity for discussion about the impact of the award and partnership opportunities. Staff and board members of the organization are welcome to participate in all communications.

We use social media to promote agencies that receive funding and regularly include grantees in sharing of news when an opportunity fits an agency’s cause. If you prefer to opt out this type of communication, please let us know.

Food distribution agencies will be encouraged to participate in the sharing of information about services provided to individuals so that we may measure the impact of our funding. We will provide information about participation when you receive grant funding.