Your Charitable Giving Improves Health!

Thank you for your interest in making a charitable gift to RHI Legacy Foundation. Your contribution will help support and sponsor health and wellness initiatives throughout Rutherford County, North Carolina. 

You may contribute by making an online contribution or sending a check. If you are donating in memory or honor of a loved one, be sure to provide that information as you make your gift. 

You may choose to make a designated gift to:

Community Wellness Fund

We understand that individuals in our community require help with health care and wellness services that can improve their quality of life. Your charitable gifts to RHI Legacy Foundation’s Community Wellness Fund will be used to sponsor community health fairs and opportunities for physical activity for adults and children. The Fund will also allow us to continue to support camps for local children with asthma and diabetes and to pay for Lifeline subscriptions for disadvantaged seniors who live alone. This Fund will allow us to partner with other organizations to expand existing programs and to support new health and wellness services when the opportunity arises.

Cancer Services for Rutherford County

Through a partnership with the Community Health Council of Rutherford County, RHI Legacy Foundation is investing in preventing cancer in our community, promoting early diagnosis to increase survival rates for local cancer patients, and providing direct support for those who already have the disease. Through this fund, you can

  • Provide financial assistance for local patients when financial difficulties occur as a result of their treatment and recovery
  • Pay for mammograms for uninsured Rutherford County women
  • Provide wigs, scarves and classes for Rutherford County women who experience hair loss and skin changes during treatment
  • Make cancer prevention and education programs available for local students and adults

The School Backpack Program

Each week, nearly 1000 students in our county receive food in their backpacks to help meet their need for food over the weekend. Individuals, businesses, and the faith community provide food for about half of the current backpacks for local students. Our Foundation purchases food to fill the temporary gap between what the community provides and the current need. We provide the salary for an individual who coordinates the program throughout the school system. Your designated gift for the Backpack Program will help meet the needs of hungry students so they will perform better in the classroom.